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A new car

Five years ago, I bought a car–a 1991 Pontiac Grand Am for $2,000.

To be completely honest, I hated it. It was nice in a new-almost-20-years-old kind of way, ran great, was built like an iron tank (for which I am exceedingly grateful)…but I just didn’t like it. That didn’t stop me from buying it; I needed a car and Mom said this was a good one. Up til then I had been sharing vehicles with Mom and Dad–it was time and past that I got my own. A friend told me not to worry, that I would come to like the car.

Shortly afterwards, on my second day of work at the first nursing home, the car broke down. That wasn’t a good day. There I was in Madison, stranded in a parking lot with a car that apparently thought belching out smoke from under the hood and refusing to start was great fun, and on top of that, I had forgotten to program my new work’s number into my phone. Like I said, not such a good day. But it sort of set a trend with the Pontiac–she’d break down frequently and I’d cuss at her, but despite that, I did come to love that car.

She was reliable (by which I mean that I knew exactly what to expect from her), hated Louisville and drive-throughs and sometimes intersections. Idling for more than ten minutes was a sure-fire way to overheat the engine. On the other hand, she was heavy and solid…the only thing that really put a dent in her was an EF-4 tornado and a big-ass deer bouncing over the top. Somethings would break and I’d learn what I could live without (like heat).

But eventually, all the little things just piled up too high. I was ready for a new car, one that got better gas mileage than 20 MPG, one that had heat, an engine that could idle safely, could go across the bridge without throwing a temper-tantrum, didn’t break down every 3-5 moths like clockwork, one that had a passenger side door that could open, a driver side door that could close all the way, a taillight made of more than colored strips of duct tape, and…well, you get the picture.

It took me months more than I expected, but I finally did it. Out with the old:
And in with the new


She’s a 2013 Kia Rio and I love her! At the dealership, I had to tell Mom to double check me on everything because I really wanted this one. Despite that, I stuck to my guns and my price limit and still ended up driving this beauty off the lot. Unlike the last few times I went used car shopping, I had an extremely positive experience–mostly because nobody tried to tell me that I deserve to lease a brand new vehicle or (incorrectly) assumed that Mom was the reason for my sticking points. This is, by the way, a sure-fire way to make me really cranky. Don’t tell me what I should want or assume that just because I’m not a “typical” 24 year old that I don’t make my own decisions! 

Anyways, the car. She’s gorgeous! She gets 35-40 MPG, all the doors open and close appropriately and I can go through a drive-through without overheating and dying! Plus, she’s got this nifty media hook up where I can listen to the music on my iPhone or iPad through the car’s speakers. Oh, and she’s got heat!

I’m in love!  

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