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Leather and glass

So, it’s been a while. 

Part of this is due to a crazy-busy, hectic, frantic work pace. Part is due to school work…and part is due to this.



I was in the mall one day, waiting for Dad to arrive (the mall being the closest indoor space with free wi-fi to the bus stop) and on impulse, I went in Books-a-million. I was not expecting to walk out with an Eco-friendly, fair trade, leather journal, but I did. 

Since then, I have been journaling. Not every day, but semi-frequently and always relating the emotions of the day. I’ve become so used to sharing my written words, through one form or another…but it is kind of nice to have an outlet just for me. My eyes only, raw as you like.

I have, however, missed this blog, so I’ve decided to pick it up again, and to also resume my fiction works and not just my nonfiction (which, I must say, has really taken off). Boundaries are something that I am coming more and more to appreciate, so I do like the distinction of having two different mediums. Leather-hound journal for private ruminations and glass iPad for public musings and stories. 

Well, that’s it for now, folks, but I’m back!!

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