In which I cook…sort of

First, a confession: I love eating out.
I’m not, see, particularly big on the culinary arts myself. It’s not that I can’t cook…oh, no, I was the recipient of a well-rounded education, which included changing oil to cooking to logic.
I employ all three examples just enough to remind myself that I can.

But, since I’m working my butt off for this new car, the debit card has been forced into a sabbatical. (Another confession: I have a bad habit of spending money when I’m stressed. And when I spend more than I should, I get stressed.)
So, less eating out, more bringing my lunches to work. Usually this means whatever Amy’s product is on sale…but I decided to change things up recently. After all, I can cook. Sort of.

Behold my creation!




Mom calls it an “Alan Alda salad” and I call it a “whatever is on sale salad”. Which means this week I’m eating carrots, radishes, celery and broccoli.
It’s not bad, actually. I splurged on the dressing (Panera Bread’s Poppyseed) and lunch meat for a topping.

More veggies and less processed foods, yay!
I still bought a couple Amy’s for my scheduled doubles…much as my salads don’t suck, I’m not eating them two meals in a row!

So there. I can cook. Sort of.

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2 thoughts on “In which I cook…sort of

  1. I certainly looked delicious when you were making it.


  2. Very nice picture quality and setup too for the food.


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