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The one that got away

So, it’s not Thursday.
The fact that this post is coming out three days late is a combination of Thursday being Thanksgiving and being the middle of one hell of work week.
Last pay period, I worked 100 hours…and it looks like I’m well on the way towards 100 hours this pay period. I’m about torn between exasperation and appreciation. I don’t like working so much (I don’t like the havoc it wrecks on my mental facilities or my patience); but I do appreciate the extra money it brings me. Extra money is something I sorely need right now.

Buying a newish car should not be this hard and I suppose it wouldn’t be if I didn’t have such rigid and exact standards.
Yesterday I went to the Honda dealership after to work to find out that the car I wanted sold five minutes before I walked in the building. I was, to put it bluntly, crushed. One full month that car has sat on the lot, while I drive by almost every day. One full month I have worked my butt off to add enough to my down payment to keep the monthly payments at or below $200. And five minutes before I walk in the door, it finally sells?
Then, of course, the salesman tries to talk me into a lease for a brand spanking new car. “Tried to talk me into” is a generous description. Apparently, all young women should want a fancy new car and a lease is better than a loan, and I shouldn’t let my mother dictate the quality of my ride. (The last time I was in there, I had brought Mom with me as muscle. Judging from the smooth streak of manipulative sales talk I got without her, it worked rather well!)
I finally told him in blunt, possibly rude terms that I didn’t want a fancy new car on a lease; I wanted the black 2012 Civic they’d just sold. The car I’ve been watching and working for. And then I walked out. In hindsight, it’s probably a good thing that car sold before I walked in, because I’m sure the vultures would have descended had they seen how much I really wanted that car.

So now I’m back to saving. Two more weeks, maybe a month more. Honestly, I’d rather freeze in my car without heat then go look at other vehicles right now. I guess I didn’t realize how much I’d come to think of that car as mine.
And, the more I save, the more cash I’ll have as a downpayment. The bigger the downpayment, the lower the monthly payments will have to be. At least, that’s the rationale I’ve come up with to justify this very childish sulking fit I seem to have fallen into since Honda sold my car right out from underneath me. Of the two of us, the ’91 Pontiac is behaving more maturely, I think. She hasn’t broken down out of spite or jealously just yet. Maybe she’s saving it for when I actually replace her, or maybe she’s just trying to get back into my good graces.

Ah, well. The car of my dreams is now not only a Honda Civic and not a Toyota Yaris, it’s now a black Civic.
Just not the one that got away.
Damn it. I really wanted that car!

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Back by Popular Demand

Well, back by the demand of my brother, and he’s a popular person, so….
It’s been quite a while since I last blogged. 65 days, according to my wordpress account. A lot has changed; a lot hasn’t.
There hasn’t been a whole lot of progress on my novel but this doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. I’ve been doing my once a week post for CNA Edge and that has been going very well. Very well indeed!
I’m enjoying it and others seem to be enjoying it too. Michael says that he loves my regular and reliable posts on this site, but he would occasionally like to read something I write that isn’t about being a CNA.
He’s a firm believer in pushing people to be better, that one. He’s also very fond of reliable patterns. Since the weekly deadline seems to be working well for one blog, I thought I’d try it out here.
So, Sundays I write for CNA Edge.
Thursdays I’ll write for this blog.
And I’ll be cracking down on novel writing too.

Even though I’ve been silent on this front for a while, offline life has been chugging along. My new car plans have been accelerated, thanks to a series of current car misfortunes.

a) My driver’s side door won’t close all the way, thanks to a broken handle on the inside. Can’t fix that without replacing the whole door, my mechanic says.
b) My passenger side front door won’t open, thanks to a collision with a deer. More accurately, from having an enormous buck running full tilt into it. THAT was scary! I was driving along a back country road, having just picked up Michael from work. I had just turned my head to glance at Michael as he was talking and all of a sudden, without warning, a deer charges from the thick woods. All I saw was his profile and large deer inches from his face. Thank God those inches were good, sturdy metal of an old car. Also, thank God that the deer hit over the front tire and flipped over the top and didn’t impact on the window.
Still, I was quite shaken!
c) My heater core went out. This has perhaps been the most trying of all my car tribulations: the driver’s side door is annoying and the passenger’s side door is inconvenient but the lack of heat is miserable. And of course my heater core goes out in the most unseasonable cold November in a long, long time! Dad and I have become experts of bundling up with hats, scarves, gloves, jackets and coats. I’ve even mastered the art of wrapping a sleeping bag around my legs in such a fashion that I still have sufficient range of motion to drive.

I found a car that I want, a 2012 Honda Civc…unfortunately, it was just a bit out of my price range. So, I made the choice to walk away and save up more money. That was 3 weeks ago, and throughout those 3 weeks, that particular car has not sold. I see it every day on my way to pick up Dad. If it’s still there in another week, hopefully the dealership and I can come to an agreement and I will be the owner of a car with excellent gas mileage and, perhaps more importantly, HEAT!!!
If not, I’ll start the search for another 2012-2013 Honda Civic.

One more week. One more week of alternately freezing my butt off and running it off at work. I’ve been working an extra 8-10 hours a week for the last 3 weeks, trying to save up enough for a large down payment. My goal is to keep the monthly payments under $200 and I assure, these past 3 weeks have been quite the test of my resolve!

One other thing has changed since I last blogged: I’m signed up to resume my higher education in January. I’ll be going part time to Ivy Tech for psychology. It was time to go back; I’ve been in need of more intellectual and social stimulation lately. And, I’ve developed quite the interest in psychology. It will be a useful tool in the kind of writing I do and the kind of work I do. I know I won’t get rich doing it, so I guess it’s a good thing money isn’t my main motivator!

Whew! That’s it for now! Next post will be a recounting of my adventures used car shopping.


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