Wants and needs

So…it’s been a while since I last blogged. I know.
It’s been interesting around here.

So my plans to build a vardo? Yeah, they’ve been put on hold.
It’s quite simple, really: I need the money I’ve saved for something else.
I need a new car.
No, no, for the last time it’s not my car that broke! It’s my dad’s car; so with finances tight all around I made the decision to give Mom and Dad my old car and get myself the new one I’ve been promising myself I’d get for…5 years now. Just a bit longer now.
In the meantime, we’ve made the whole 4 working adults, 2 working vehicles thing work. Mom and Michael take the truck and Dad and I take my car. I drop Dad off at a bus stop and then pick him after we’ve both finished work.
There is, of course, a lot that could go wrong with our plan. What if a car breaks down? What if I get mandated at work?
But so far, everything is working out okay. I’ve been able to make use of my new Netflix mobile account while I wait for Dad each day. I kinda really like that! If things keep on going smoothly (please, please, dear God please), I should be able to get a new car within the month.

My own place can wait. It’s not the worst thing in the world to be patient just a little bit longer; basically next summer/early fall instead of next spring for the vardo.
Well, actually that’s another change. I’ve sort of decided against a vardo on the grounds that the free building expertise I have at my disposal is limited and probably not up to a curved roof. A sloped roof I know I can do and for much cheaper than curved rafters. So, I’m now looking at something more resembling a tradition shed-like structure. Still mounted on a trailer: that’s one part of the dream I’m unwilling to give up.
I’ve been doing my research again and this time I’ve arrived at www.relaxshacks.com instead of a Don Vardo. The style is still very much me…but “me” on a level that I am comfortable building on my own. There’s the dream and dream you can achieve. I never thought I’d learn to be a realist!

Wants vs needs, right? I want a detached structure of my own. I need a new car. My plan was vardo then car, now it’s car then shack. Ah, life.
I’m learning that flexibility is great skill indeed. Life is never going to go exactly to our plans; so we might as well learn to roll with the punches with as much grace as we can muster.

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2 thoughts on “Wants and needs

  1. I don’t know how I missed this when you posted it last week, but am glad I found it now. Adulthood isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be, huh? A new car sounds good. Or a small apartment in town and an awesome bike. Sorry, couldn’t resist: You knew I had to turn this into a thing about bikes somehow.


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