Third time’s the charm

Dear God, please let it be so!
And yes, I just bought my third pair of slip resistant shoes of the week. This has gone beyond funny.
At least, that’s my opinion. Everyone else around me…has other thoughts about it.
So, let’s recap.
Shoe #1: hurt every time I knelt down, bent over or did anything with my foot besides stand and walk. Back for a refund!
Shoe #2: was perfectly comfortable for kneeling and bending. Walking, however, caused them to cut into my ankles. Back to the store for a refund.
(I wish to state, for the record, that I really did try these shoes on in the store. I walked, knelt, bent, ran, jumped and did everything I could possibly think of to test the wearability of these shoes. But there is a big difference between walking around making a spectacle of yourself in a shoe store and actually working in the shoes.)
Shoes #3: actual Nursing shoes. I was going to get Grey’s Anatomy shoes, but they didn’t have them in my size…so I got Nurse Mates Doves. Soft matter, comes over my ankle but doesn’t cut into me anywhere. The heel slips a little when I’m on my toes, but that’s small potatoes to what I was dealing with earlier.
I’d like to save up some money and maybe replace these with Clark slip resistant shoes….but seeing as how they are $126, it might be a while. Until then, I think I can live with these Nurse Mates. I just hope the feeling is mutual.

Hopefully, all foot-wear related drama shall now come to an end.
If it doesn’t, it’s official: slip-resistant shoe kind has declared war on me.
I think I’m losing.


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