The (continuing) saga of new(er) shoes

The next time I leave a shoe store after just a half-an-hour, please remind me of these posts and send me back in for further deliberation; because apparently, a quick visit does not mean that my decision-making powers are growing sharper.
It means I forgot a step, like, say, making sure I liked the shoes or that they would be comfortable for the intended purpose. I can’t tell you how many times in the last two days that I’ve either A) readjusted my new shoes or B) declared that I hated said shoes.
So—out with the new and in with the newer! This time I spent 45 minutes in the store, paced the aisle comparing different shoes, squatted, bent over, rocked on my heels, wriggled my toes, sprinted…you get the picture.
These are my newest shoes. And hopefully, they shall survive to be the old shoes.


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One thought on “The (continuing) saga of new(er) shoes

  1. May they live long. . .


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