The saga of new shoes

Some times, multiple things come together at once. I’m convinced that this is, at least partially, my own fault: I am, after all, a notorious procrastinator. Left to my own devices, I tend to shove things off until they just can’t be put off any more. Then I run about in a whirlwind of panic, trying to get everything done.
Yeah. I’m well aware that I usually take the hard way…what can I say, it’s interesting there.

I recently experienced such a convergence of things:
A) Thanks to a policy change at work, I had to get slip-resistant shoes; but this wasn’t so bad because B) I needed new shoes anyway.
See, the funny thing about wearing the same pair of shoes for 40-50 hours a week for two years: they eventually break down. Your once comfortable shoes become instruments of torture…well, more so than normal. (Anyone who knows me knows that I hate shoes. And I mean hate. As a child I often refused to wear them, but you can’t really do this as a semi-responsible adult in the working world. Especially in a nursing home!)
So, with three days to the deadline imposed by corporate and aching feet due to my holding-together-by-prayer-and-I-don’t-want-to-know-what-else old work shoes, I went shoe shopping.

You might have guessed my long-standing and deeply-rooted aversion to footwear, but I hate shoe shopping. Sandals aren’t so bad, as I hardly consider them shoes—but unfortunately, neither does anybody else. And this time I had a real challenge: find shoes I liked/could endure that also matched corporate standards. Oh, and that also fit my budget.
Yeah. Mom, who went with me, was amazed that we were only in the shoe-store for less than an hour. To be honest, I was too.
I bought some Sketchers wide-width work shoes that seemed okay. In two months, I daresay I won’t notice them during the work day. Right now…let’s just say that I’m enduring. And readjusting. And complaining.
I hate breaking in new shoes.
At least my feet are just uncomfortable, as opposed to in actual pain. I guess.

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5 thoughts on “The saga of new shoes

  1. It was a minor miracle that we left with shoes and in inly half an hour!


  2. I prefer no shoes, too! πŸ™‚ I hear your pain!!
    My mom was required to buy slip resistant shoes for work, and she found a great company. It’s called Shoes for Crews, and even with all her leg problems, they are comfortable and have became her favorite shoes. They are pretty affordable, too! Just in case you wanted to check them out πŸ™‚


  3. Of all the times for auto-correct to fail me! Sigh.


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