Buried Treasure…well, buried musings at least

Found in my “random ramblings” notebook/app. It’s about a year old…though I don’t remember writing it! Oh well. Here ya go.

Spoilers for the Twilight saga, especially Breaking Dawn

The threads that hold Twilight together are heartbeats of Bella. When that stops, when those threads are snapped, the whole collapses inwards.
I’ve learned two very important lessons as a story teller.
Number one: the tighter you pull the tension is just that much more that you will have to control the release. Consequences must flow smoothly from choices. You can break your rules, but you cannot break your promises.
It’s in the wrap-up that we learn the caliber of the storyteller, and what the story was really about.

The second lesson?
Boiled down, reduced to its bare elements, Twilight was about an impossible situation. Two lovers, separated by nature itself. Meyer herself called it, “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.”
Put in another way, a bird may love a fish but where will they live?
Vampire and human. Where is the balance? Meyer dragged this question out for three and a half books, and then suddenly the whole thing comes to a screeching, ragged stop.
Because, in the end, there is no balance. Not here. It’s not that Edward eventually changes Bella into an immortal. It’s not that they will be frozen as newly weds for all eternity.
The trouble I have with Breaking Dawn is Bella and Edward get everything.
Bella gets her saga-long wish: immortality.
She knows that to keep Edward forever, she must give up her humanity: her ability to adapt, to change. She can’t even keep her family or human friends.
Besides all the sacrifice, the other price for immortality is a surrender to nature: the thirst for human blood. Meyer spent so much time reminding us that this thirst is almost unstoppable. Even the Cullens, held up as the very best of vampires, succumb to the temptation.

But when the change comes, Bella keeps everything; becoming, in a sense, the best of two worlds. Her ability to control herself leaves everyone else in the story gasping and fawning over her.

Edward should have just turned her in Twilight, because he was wrong, folks. Bella was right: she could handle the change and hold on to everything she cared about before.

A choice is a limitation, but Bella makes her choice and the only consequences are good ones.
It’s all too easy.
And my world isn’t easy. It’s filled with impossible situations and sacrifice. In fiction, I can submerge myself in another’s choices and possibly learn how to make better ones myself. I didn’t learn anything from Twilight, not anything that’s going to stick with me and help me through a crucible.
I’m not saying that everyone should have my reaction to Twilight…a story is a relationship between words and a person. But this relationship didn’t do much for me.

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