Sci-Fi names or please help!!!!

First off, I’m not pregnant.
No, the nascent person in need of a handle is a character in my story…who keeps slipping out of her name.

There’s a character named Alyn (pronounced Uh-lyn, not Alan). She’s quite attached to her name. Then there’s my main girl, whose name up until now has been Adai. The relationship between these two is a main focus of the story…which necessitates the frequent use of such sentences as “Adai and Alyn”.

This is where I ran into a problem: my beta readers/patient family are getting confused as to who is who. Halfway through listening to me hash out an issue with a character or reading through a passage, a bewildered expression will settle on their faces and hands start going up in the air.
It never crossed my mind that the two names, each four letters starting with an A and having a tall second letter, would be easy to confuse.

Adai and Alyn.

Do you think they are too similar?

And if so, which of the following just stands out and sounds plausible as a Sci-Fi name? And by Sci-Fi, I mean alien.



Laryn (pronounced “lar-ren”, not Lauren)



I’ve got it narrowed to these 5, but I just can’t pick between them.

P.S., Mom, no comments about that slutty Turkish girl we knew named “Aisha”.

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2 thoughts on “Sci-Fi names or please help!!!!

  1. Laryn is my favorite, but Clio isn’t too bad.


  2. Hannah

    So…she’s got a name! I ended up going with Laryn. My reasoning is that, when pronounced “lar-ren”, with equal emphasis on both syllables, it’s very soft-sounding, but still strong enough to stand next to Alyn. This understated quality perfectly fits her personality.

    Plus, the “N” sound at the end does sort of connect the two…but hopefully not as confusingly as A followed by a tall letter. And I had secondary characters rising up and claiming “Miren” and “Zora”.

    I am willing to play around with the spelling…so if anybody’s got ideas…


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