Going gluten-free

I’m allergic to milk. Yes, it sucks.
I’m also allergic to eggs. Again, it sucks.
Whenever I eat these two things, my face breaks out in cystic acne…and it’s scarred. They never healed.
Recently my health coach of a mom suggested that I give up gluten for a week and see if that made any difference to my face. She’d read something about a link between wheat protein and the casein in dairy and eggs…basically I heard “blah, blah, dairy and wheat, blah, blah, you should give up another giant and delicious food group!”
I grumbled but I did it. And the results are staggering. I present to you before and after, photos taken about two months apart.

So wheat and it’s byproduct of delicious pastries are off the menu indefinitely.
Somehow, seeing the results, it doesn’t suck as much as I would have thought



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3 thoughts on “Going gluten-free

  1. Wow – that is a big difference.


    • hmhedges

      And not just in my face…I’ve noticed a huge change in my energy levels. I’m back to bouncing off walls!


  2. Wowza! What a difference. It gets better every day too.


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