Ashes and Bruises

So yesterday was Ash Wednesday. In Christian circles, this means the start of Lent, a period of meditation and contemplation.
In nursing homes, it’s also known as the day of spontaneous bruises.
Even the religious or just well-informed nurses and CNAs seem to have at least one time when they spout some variation on the following: “Oh my gosh, what happened to so-and-so’s face…oh, never mind. Ash Wednesday. I knew that.”
We all have good fun laughing at each other. Maybe humor isn’t quite in the traditional style of Lent, but a good laugh is always welcome in a field as stressful as healthcare.
I take it as a good thing that unusual skin discolorations are being noticed…I’d hate for an Ash Wednesday to pass without a single false bruise alarm.
Ah, good times in a nursing home.

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