A Very Late Entry

I really did finish last year’s New Thing Every Month challenge. That is, I did December’s new thing…I just didn’t blog it.

Better late than never?

In early December, I got mandated to work a double-shift at work. No, that’s not the new thing…sadly, mandation is something no CNA is unfamiliar with.
I was mandated because a snow-storm that kept some of second shift stuck at home and when I got off work at 10:30 pm, there was no way I was going to be to drive home, then turn around and be back for my shift the next day at 6:30 am…not with the conditions of the roads and especially not as it was going to keep storming all night. So work put me and some other coworkers up in empty apartments in Assisted Living.
While I’ve stayed the night at work before, I’d never done so in luxury or with my eyes shut. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever spent the night in a hotel or hotel-like situation by myself before.
When they told me in the afternoon that I could stay in an apartment, I thought “Cool! I can sleep in tomorrow, it’ll save gas because I won’t have to drive; hey, I’ve never stayed the night in an apartment where I’m the only occupant! I’ll be in this facility for 32 hours! That’s a record! Oh, crap, I don’t have extra scrubs…that’s ok, I can wash these off in the shower and let them dry all night.”
At 11 pm, my only two thoughts were “shower” and “bed”…though they might have been expressed “showe…be..”.
At 6 am when I woke up, I was split between “I have a whole apartment to myself” and “damn, I forgot my cell phone charger”. Also, I’d forgotten that clothes, even scrubs, don’t usually dry in 7-8 hours without a fire or a fan. I did find an iron, though, so problem of damp scrubs was temporary. It was really weird WALKING to work and never going outside during the commute. I mean, I live in the country, the only place you can walk to in under five minutes is a cornfield.
By noon on the second day there, I was just about ready to climb the walls, I wanted to be in my own home so badly.
And at 2:30 when I did finally get to leave, I came out to this:

And I didn’t get home until a little after 4 because the roads were almost indistinguishable from the fields. It’s probably a good thing I stayed overnight…although I was about to go mad from being cooped up!

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