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Before I got my iPad, I was a good old-fashioned pen-and-paper kind of writer. Any scrap of paper was fair game; and let’s just say that I am not a very organized person, in life or in writing. The first half of chapter one would be in a Paperblanks notebook, the other half on a foot-shaped sticky note; and while I occasionally tried to consolidate, this involved the lengthy process of searching through massive stacks of paper, deciphering my handwriting, putting the pieces in order and then transcribing them into yet another notebook.
It got to the point where stories were being swallowed up by the chaos…so I switched to a laptop.
To my dismay, I found this didn’t really work for me either. Even the smallest laptop was quite bulky and I couldn’t curl up with it in just any position. You have to be more or less upright to work a laptop…and when inspiration struck, I wasn’t grabbing for the computer. I was still reaching for my notebooks and scrap paper.
Then in September 2012, I purchased my iPad. It was the latest, full-sized model and I absolutely loved it! Seriously, the best purchase I have ever made–except for my iPad mini, which I bought this Spring.
I still am not the most organized. I have several different apps that I switch between-depending on mood–but it is easier to get everything in order when all I have to do is copy and paste.
And the best part is, I’m not using up a whole forest to get the words out of my head! When I bought my first iPad, I had said I wanted to go as paperless as possible. I’m happy to say that almost one year later, I am on my way to achieving this goal. Between my writing apps and my kindle account, all my reading and writing are accomplished without felling one tree.

This week, however, I started to think of all boxes of notebooks and scrap paper and paperbound books still cluttering up my room. If I’m really hoping to move into a tiny house at some point in the near future, I decided I really needed to start downsizing. Not to mention the weather we’ve been having lately stirred up my fears from the tornado, that I would lose all that early writing and all those books because I couldn’t just pick them up and throw them in my backpack like my iPad.
So, I’ve been quite busy this week.


And this

were photocopied and put in my Dropbox and Evernote accounts. I kept all the notebooks, but the loose paper I then burned. Now if the house catches fire, it will have one square foot less of easy fuel! (By the way, the pages contained in the two above pictures translated into 650 photos. My poor iPad camera has never worked so hard!)

Then I turned my attention to the books.

This got turned into my Amazon wish list or was purchased and downloaded onto my kindle…depending on price. I kept the hard copies of my favorite books, like Watership Down and the Chronicles of Narnia. The rest are Goodwill bound!

Thanks to these efforts, my room is much tidier now.

Have I mentioned just how much I love my iPad?

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So…after June’s New Thing, I now know what kind of job is completely and utterly NOT for me:
A life of crime.
It started as an accident. If this doesn’t comfort you, please, stop reading. It only gets worse.
The week before this incident had been extremely hot; but, working in Clarksville, I was reluctant to roll down my windows any for fear of someone stealing something…including my car. It is a very old car, the kind you could easily Hotwire. After my rear view mirror fell off into my lap from the oven-like temperatures, my resolve weakened and the next morning I rolled down my drivers side window just a crack. I have smaller-than-adverage arms (though don’t let that fool you: I am very strong!), so I did a quick check to make sure that I couldn’t squeeze my arm through the crack. If I couldn’t, nobody could. Satisfied, I went into the building and started my day at work.

Fast forward until 9:45.
I was happily clicking away on the kiosk when the loudest clap of thunder EVER shook the building. Looking out a window, I see rain in alarming quantities pouring out of the sky…and in my mind’s eye I could just see it pouring through the cracked window, right into my seat. My coworkers say I shrieked and ran outside, using my care guide as a mini-umbrella. (FYI: this is neither an appropriate or functional use of a care guide.)
Sure enough, I get out there and my seat is looking decidedly wet; my hand automatically went to my side to fetch my keys out of my purse–only to meet the results of being a rule-abiding employee. My purse, cell phone, keys and all is still in my locker…back in the building.
There were two smart things to do in this situation: I did neither. Instead, I begin twisting my arm down into the minuscule gap between glass and metal in an attempt to reach the door lock. Meeting with failure, I once again ignored the intelligent option of simply going to get my keys. In the end, I got my arm through the gap, unlocked the door, rolled up the window and went back inside wet to the skin. Seriously. There were puddles and housekeepers gathering in my wake.

And, of course, no sooner do I get inside and tell the story to my amused coworkers than it stops raining. So, the results of my first breaking and entering: twenty minutes to unlock a door, enough swear words to alert both nearby police and pastors and this


It took a week for this to fade; one week of constantly retelling this story because I couldn’t think of a less embarrassing and more legal explanation for my injuries.
Perhaps I shouldn’t mention the locksmith van parked two spaces over from me that day

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