Me and a bank

Let me start this post by stating that living on a cash only budget for, well, all my life has taught me many valuable lessons I am positive I wouldn’t have learned any other way.
Lessons such as not spending more than you have, and especially lessons like “if you want something expensive, you are either going to have to a) wait or b) work more.”
I’m kind of careless sometimes…it’s far too easy for me to do my thinking after the fact. That has gotten me into some really weird situations.

So, in almost 23 years, I’ve never had a bank loan. I’ve never had a loan of any kind, except the money I borrowed from my family to buy my car…which at $2,000 came pretty cheap.
April’s New Thing was to change that. One sunny Monday, on my way home from work, I found myself pulling into my local, small town bank, marching up to the counter and asking to speak with a loan officer. Like I said, I often do my thinking last.
From the expressions on their faces, I wondered if there was a behind-the-scenes pot that was going to be cashed out after I left.
Knowing my bank, probably!
I know almost everybody in my bank, and they all know me: either as myself or Michael’s sister. (Actually, sometimes it feels like the whole of Charlestown knows me as “Michael’s sister”…or rather “OUR Michael’s sister.”) That’s what I love about New Wash bank: friendly and professional. After all, there aren’t many banks in this world where you can spend two hours inside and still come away saying, with absolute truth, that you had a ball.
And got your business done to your satisfaction.

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3 thoughts on “Me and a bank

  1. Nana

    Hannah May

    Respect the way you handle your finances. May need to rethink when it comes to getting a newer car.
    Love ya,


  2. I love that you are doing new things like this. What kind of loan did you get?


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