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Unexpected in the Park

After work today, I didn’t quite feel like going home. Three days before a paycheck, in this kind of mood, I didn’t really have a lot options. Actually, I had three: Starbucks with my gift card, the library, and the park.
It’s a beautiful day, so I went for Starbucks and then the park.
I love writing in the park; it’s peaceful and stimulating. My writing was rather interrupted by this:


And a guy walking across it. (I didn’t take a picture of him; I figured that might be rude: “here, pose for my blog post!”) Obviously, I stopped and watched him. By then he was honest to God doing yoga poses and jumping from one foot to the other on a line suspended three and a half feet above the ground.
“That’s so cool!” I told him, when I thought I wouldn’t startle him into a fall. He asked if I would like to try it: I immediately agreed, though I did warn him I was dangerously uncoordinated.
He just laughed and helped me up.
I didn’t have any illusions this would end anyway but on my ass; in fact, I was actually thinking up how to explain the bruises.
“Don’t look at your feet,” he said, holding onto my hand. At first he had me just sit on the line; then I graduated to standing on my dominant foot, shaking out my other foot and the hand not clutching his for dear life. Then I was actually walking…not nearly as easily or as impressive as him…but I was still on my feet and on the line.
It’s hard to describe walking on a slack line, as he told me it was called. It’s kind of like a balance beam, only a balance beam doesn’t shake and snap beneath you. T told me this line wasn’t really set up for a beginner, the trees being far apart and quite a bit of slack on the line; if I was interested in taking this up, I’d need to start with trees closer together and a tighter line. Then he said I was doing very well.
Dad says T was biased because I was a cute girl holding his hand…
…but I never fell, so that is something. Actually, quite a big something for me. Five steps, ten minutes, no spills!
It was extremely fun.
Really fun.
I’ve got Amazon open right now to find out how much a good slack line is.
So, in the month of May I a) tried something new and b) meet a new person and c) possibly picked up a challenging hobby.
Despite my good luck today, I imagine that the bruises will come–even T fell off, quite spectacularly. He was doing one of those jumps and landed with his torso across the line with a resounding smack. When I looked up from my writing to ask if he was okay, he admitted that it was like getting hit with a baseball bat.
I’m still pricing slack lines, FYI.

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Me and a bank

Let me start this post by stating that living on a cash only budget for, well, all my life has taught me many valuable lessons I am positive I wouldn’t have learned any other way.
Lessons such as not spending more than you have, and especially lessons like “if you want something expensive, you are either going to have to a) wait or b) work more.”
I’m kind of careless sometimes…it’s far too easy for me to do my thinking after the fact. That has gotten me into some really weird situations.

So, in almost 23 years, I’ve never had a bank loan. I’ve never had a loan of any kind, except the money I borrowed from my family to buy my car…which at $2,000 came pretty cheap.
April’s New Thing was to change that. One sunny Monday, on my way home from work, I found myself pulling into my local, small town bank, marching up to the counter and asking to speak with a loan officer. Like I said, I often do my thinking last.
From the expressions on their faces, I wondered if there was a behind-the-scenes pot that was going to be cashed out after I left.
Knowing my bank, probably!
I know almost everybody in my bank, and they all know me: either as myself or Michael’s sister. (Actually, sometimes it feels like the whole of Charlestown knows me as “Michael’s sister”…or rather “OUR Michael’s sister.”) That’s what I love about New Wash bank: friendly and professional. After all, there aren’t many banks in this world where you can spend two hours inside and still come away saying, with absolute truth, that you had a ball.
And got your business done to your satisfaction.

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